Azerbaijani Army Advance In North Of Lachin Corridor Was Failed!

Tuesday 28 March 2023 - 11:51

ISWNews Analysis Group – In the morning of March 27, Azerbaijani forces started a new operation in the north of Lachin Corridor with the aim of blocking the roads leading to Stepanakert (Khankendi). Although the initial news indicated the success of the Baku forces in this matter; But hours later, the Azerbaijani forces withdrew from blocking the Khankendi-Xelfeli-Turssu road and settled in the heights of Saribaba to the east of the road.

The information headquarters (de-facto government) of Artsakh, belonging to the Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians, announced the registration of a new aggression by the Azerbaijani army forces at 9:00 a.m. local time on Monday, March 27. According to this statement, a unit of the army of the Republic of Azerbaijan has tried to capture another height that overlooks the Khankendi(Stepanakert) – Xelfeli – Turssu(Lisagor) road. But the Nagorno-Karabakh forces, which are stationed in this area and are on standby, prevented them from advancing and a report related to this incident was sent to the command of the Russian peacekeeping forces.

According to information obtained by Islamic World News, Azerbaijani forces are now stationed on the heights east of the road in the heights of Saribaba. The government of Baku has given the Armenians until April 9 to leave this area! It seems that Baku’s withdrawal from occupying this road is related to Israel’s busyness due to recent unrest in Tel Aviv and other cities in the occupied Palestine; Also, it seems that the government of Baku has postponed all major military actions until after the Turkish elections.

History of ceasefire violations

Earlier, on March 25, the Azerbaijani forces had cut off the dirt road (alternative road for Lachin Corridor) to the center of Nagorno-Karabakh by advancing in the north of Turssu (Lisagor). The government of Baku stated the reason for this action was to prevent the sending of military forces, weapons, ammunition, and military equipment from Armenia to the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh; But the NK officials announced the use of this dirt road as an alternative to the blocked Shusha road, which has long been blocked by the Baku government and the so-called environmental activists of Aliyev.

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Artsakh Information Headquarters has informed about the firing of Azerbaijani forces with light weapons near the contact lines to Armenian farmers in Martakert pomegranate orchards (Aghdara) and northeast of Nagorno-Karabakh. No one was injured in this incident.
Razmik Harotonian and Yervand Balasanian were shot with light weapons at around 10:10 local time on Saturday, March 25, in the agricultural lands of Sos village, Karmir Shuka Martuni region (Khojavend).
On the same day, Veva Khachatryan and Ruben Alavardian, residents of Taghavard village, near Farrukh (Parux) heights, were shot by Azerbaijani soldiers while doing agricultural work in a wheat field around 11:05. There were no casualties in this shooting either, but the agricultural work was stopped. These cases have also been reported to the peacekeeping command through the local police and the Ministry of Defense of the Armenians of Karabakh.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense excuses!

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan states that these shootings are aimed at preventing the construction of trenches and the digging of canals for military purposes!

Push for integration

These tensions occur while the Azerbaijani government has invited the Armenian Karabakh officials to travel to Baku to discuss the implementation of construction projects in accordance with the terms of the tripartite statement of Moscow (November 9, 2020) and integration into the composition of this country. In a pre-determined plan, the Baku statesmen increase the pressure on the Armenians by offering incentives, pitting the Armenian people and authorities against each other and finally forcing them to surrender to their demands and refrain from claiming independence.

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