UK Claims Ship Came Under Attack Off Yemen Coast

Saturday 29 April 2023 - 11:02

ISWNews Analysis Group – A British maritime agency has claimed that “shots fired” at a vessel off the Port of Nishtun in eastern Yemen.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) alleged on Friday that three boats carrying three or four passengers raided a ship off the Port Nishtun, which is located in Al Mahrah Governorate, Yemen.

It is worth mentioning that the region is under supervision of the resigned government of Yemen; so, some reports by certain media outlets on the Ansar Allah movement’s potential involvement in the mentioned attack are not correct.

The British entity has not yet released more information on the allegation. However, it called on the trade ships and boats sailing in this area to observe the protection and security issues.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is a military entity, which has been established by Britain’s army to carry out the coordination and the data exchange in the Arab Sea. It also informs news stories concerning piracy incidents in that region.

The coastal areas of Yemen have been under total siege during the eight-year war imposed by the Saudi-led coalition.

The heavy blows inflicted on the naval fleets of the Saudi-led coalition led to the deployment of another international coalition forces under the title of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF-153) in the Red Sea.

The latter coalition resorts to propagating unofficial news stories, which are sometimes fake news, on the so-called shipment of Iran-made weaponries to Yemen as well as drug trafficking in a bid to justify the Combined Maritime Forces’ presence in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandeb and Gulf of Aden.

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