The British Killed A Yemeni Coast Guard!

Saturday 29 April 2023 - 14:22

ISWNews Analysis Group – British Navy forces killed a member of the coast guard of the resigned government of Yemen on the coast of Al-Mahra province.

According to local sources in Al-Mahrah province, on April 29, a member of Yemeni Coast Guard was shot and killed by the British Navy in Ras Fartak area located on the coast of Al-Mahrah province.

These sources added that the British forces shot at the Yemeni boatman after an argument and left the scene.

This action is a continuation of British occupation actions in the eastern coast of Yemen and in line with the militarization of this region after the construction of several coastal bases in eastern Yemen. The British and their other allies (CMF-153) have occupied the eastern and southern coasts of Yemen claiming to fight against smuggling and also to prevent the shipment of Iranian weapons to Yemeni resistance. They have also prevented the fishing of the people of Sayhut, Haswayn, Nishtun, etc., and have seized the boats of Yemeni fishermen many times.

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