Explosives Found At Norway Intelligence Service in Iraq!

Saturday 6 May 2023 - 14:30

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Shia resistance group of As’hab al-Kahf has issued a statement, saying that its forces discovered explosives and documents in one of the headquarters affiliated to the Norwegian Intelligence Service in Iraqi city of Basra.

On May 4, the Ashab al-Kahf resistance group also announced in the statement that they arrested a number of Iraqi nationals affiliated to the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS).

In accordance with the statement issued by the resistance group, some Iraqis affiliated to the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) were arrested on December 1, 2021 and following the interrogation of the suspects, the Shia group succeeded in reaching the main caches of the powerful explosives as well as large quantities of the ammunition that the Israeli intelligence service intended to smuggle into Syria and Iran via Iraq with the help of the Norwegian Intelligence Service.

The statement said further that the Norwegian Intelligence Service smuggles explosives from Iraq to other countries and vice versa, and it carries out the move under the cover of the Norwegian People’s Aid Organization in Iraq.

The Shia resistance group also urged NATO intelligence agencies to withdraw from Iraq, otherwise, their hands would be cut off.

The Ashab al-Kahf resistance group also declared in another statement that its forces had infiltrated into the document center of the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) in Iraq’s southern city of Basra.

The resistance group further said that the attained documents also prove that there are collaborations between French, German and Norwegian intelligence services to serve the Israel regime’s objectives in Iraq. The camouflages utilized by the Western intelligence services will be revealed in the coming days.

It appears that the issue of confrontation between the Iraqi resistance groups and the foreign military services in Iraq has intensified to higher levels than what it was in recent months, as the covert and intelligence battles between the mentioned parties linger.

Given the fact that the level of tensions intensifies, it is more likely that strikes by the Iraqi resistance groups against the foreign military services, especially against the American forces stationed in the Arab country, will also amplify.

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