Recent Developments In Yemen Respecting Saudi Arabia, Israeli Regime

Wednesday 17 May 2023 - 12:22

ISWNews Analysis Group – People in war-torn country of Yemen held a grand and magnificent rally in areas under the control of Ansar Allah Movement to show their support for the Palestinian people’s resistance as well as the fighting of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine against the Israeli regime’s recent strikes on the Gaza Strip.

1- Shabwah Governorate:
On May 11, the Dara al-Watan (national shield) Forces moved from Jardan district towards Ataq city. The recent relocation was accompanied by advances on the Ataq-Al Abr road and has not yet caused clashes with the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

2- Sana’a Governorate:
– On May 11, Hatem al-Ahmar, one of the military commanders of the Al-Islah Party and one of the close associates of Major General Hashem Abdullah Hussain Al-Ahmar, a local commander loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, entered capital city Sana’a and joined the Ansar Allah Movement.
– Hussein al-Ezzi, Deputy Foreign Minister of Yemen’s National Salvation Government said that France can no longer steal Yemen’s gas and this is what makes the ambassador of the European country talk about us, while he is showing all of his hatred. We tell Paris that your ambassador does not need to play the role of being drowned in tears, lies and hatred, because enmity with the people of Yemen is not appropriate. We are friends and the purchase of the Yemeni gas is available. But you can only buy it based on the international prices.

– On May 15, the Yemeni people held a rally in support of the oppressed people of the Gaza Strip and the Islamic Jihad Movement in various cities of Yemen, which are under the control of the Ansar Allah Movement. The Yemeni people showed support for the Thar Al-Ahrar Operation (Revenge by the Freedom-seekers) by the resistance movements in Palestine. Yemenis also congratulated the victory of the Thar Al-Ahrar Operation and other resistance operations, while condemning international silence, when it comes to the crimes committed by the Zionist regime.

3- Al Hudaydah Governorate:
– On May 13, the Ansar Allah Movement’s naval forces destroyed a Saudi coalition military vessel off the coast of Al Hudaydah port city. The boat was carrying weapons and ammunition for the Saudi-led coalition forces and it was destroyed by the Ansar Allah fighters after being abandoned by its crew.
– The Saudi-led coalition forces violated the ongoing ceasefire 130 times in Al Hudaydah Governorate over the past 48 hours.

4- Al Bayda Governorate:
Following an armed strike by an individual during Friday prayers at the Al-Mansoura village mosque in Al-Qurashiyah district, five people lost their lives and ten others were wounded. Nasser Al-Arami, the attacker, was killed during the clash. Given the history of Takfiri groups’ control over the region, it is likely that the new attack was carried out by the ISIS or Al-Qaeda terrorist groups.

5- Abyan Governorate:
– Clashes between the Southern Transitional Council militants and Al-Qaeda terrorist group continue sporadically in Al-Mahfad district, Abyan Governorate.
– On May 10, the Al-Islah Party militants and the Southern Transitional Council forces conflicted in Wadi Al-Khayalah village.
– In the same day, two people were killed and six others were wounded as a result of a bomb explosion in Ja’ar town and capital of Khanfir District in south-western Yemen.

6- Hadhramaut Governorate:
On May 9, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) removed its military personnel and equipment from non-military facilities at El-Rayyan Air Base, including the arrival and departure hall as well as the runway of the airport. After the move, the Saudi-led forces took control of the mentioned sections and deployed the first brigade of the Dara al-Watan forces to protect the military airport. It is noteworthy that the UAE forces along with the American troops are still present in the military section of the El-Rayyan Air Base and at the headquarters of the brigade 190 of the air defense, which is stationed near the military air base.

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