Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center Or United States’ Air Base In Baghdad?!

Wednesday 17 May 2023 - 16:48

ISWNews Analysis Group – Satellite images of Baghdad International Airport show that the United States is engaged in military and intelligence activities under the cover of conducting political and diplomatic measures.

In light of the decline in resistance strikes in Iraq as well as the increase in attacks on the United States’ forces in Syria, the Americans’ movements have increased in recent months in Iraq because their bases in Iraq are somehow a sort of stronghold for the US military bases in Syria.

Hence, the US army has transferred a number of its forces and equipment to certain bases in Iraq by aircraft and vehicles, and it has also increased the number of flights of the spy drones over the border areas between Iraq and Syria.

As a result of the surge in military forces and equipment in Iraq, the activity of the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC) increased as well. The Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center is one of the important military bases in the Arab country, which hosts a significant number of helicopters and military aircraft. The 350-hectare center is located at the Baghdad International Airport near the Victory Base Complex. At least 41 agencies and groups as well as a total of 1,600 military personnel are present in the so-called diplomatic center, which is managed by the United States Department of State.

The Satellite images of the BDSC center show that different types of helicopters such as Sikorsky HH-60L Black Hawk and CHINOOK as well as some aircraft such as Beech C-12U-3 Huron and Lockheed C-130 Hercules are stationed at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center.

The Americans are conducting their activities in the site under the guise of carrying out diplomatic affairs, but flight observations show that the number of helicopter flights from this air base to the areas of the regional countries and their regions increased in recent months. Observations also show that several military helicopters have flown from the air base to various districts of Baghdad in recent months.

Such actions are taking place while many Iraqi people and political factions protest against the presence of the US troops in the Arab country. The activity of the air base, along with other US military bases such as Victory Base Complex in Baghdad Governorate, Al-Harir Air Base in Erbil Governorate, Ayn al-Assad Air Base in Al Anbar Governorate, Al-Taji Air Field and Balad Air base both in Baghdad Governorate, shows the importance of Iraq for the US and indicates Washington’s investment in the Arab country.

The continuation of the military presence and the failure of American soldiers to leave Iraq prompted many people in Iraq to make their voices heard by their officials over the continued presence of the American troops. Some Iraqi analysts and media outlets also published cartoons, memos and various news stories, complaining that the US embassy should deal with political and diplomatic affairs, but it has turned into a large military base in Baghdad, because the Americans deployed heavy military equipment and weapons; so, the personnel of the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center are engaged in anti-Iraq activities.

However, despite the promises made by the US and Iraqi officials, the presence of the American military forces has not decreased in Iraq in comparison to the past circumstances, but they are still hatching plots and acting against the Arab country and its neighboring states.

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