Syrian President Meet With Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

Saturday 20 May 2023 - 20:25

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman on the sidelines of the Arab Summit in the port city of Jeddah.

In this meeting, Assad and bin Salman discussed the developments in the Arab countries and the positive reflection of the relations between these countries and emphasized that this atmosphere indicates a collective movement towards common views.

The President of Syria appreciated the efforts of Saudi Arabia for convergence among Arab countries and said that joint actions between the Arab countries will help to realize the interests of their nations.

He congratulated bin Salman on the successful holding of the Jeddah summit and emphasized that this summit will increase cohesion among Arab countries.

The parties also expressed their satisfaction with the re-establishment of Riyadh-Damascus relations and said that this will stabilize the region.

It is worth mentioning that the President of Syria, who attended the 32nd meeting of Arab League in Saudi Arabia, met and talked with a number of senior officials of the Arab countries. The meeting between the President of Syria and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was held after the end of the summit of the heads of the Arab League.

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