Latest Updates On Palestine, 28 May 2023

Sunday 28 May 2023 - 20:11

ISWNews Analysis Group – At least 5 Palestinians were incarcerated in the past 24 hours by the Israeli regime’s security forces on charges of possessing and transporting weapons as well as attempting to carry out anti-Israeli military operations in the West Bank.

– On May 22, following an attack by the Israeli armed forces on the Balata Camp located in north of the West Bank, three Palestinians were martyred and six others were wounded.

– On May 23, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Ziyad al-Nakhalah reacted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats on assassination of Palestinian resistance commanders, and revealed how the position of the martyred commanders of Al-Quds Brigades was identified during the recent five-day conflict in the Gaza Strip.

– On May 25, the Palestinian Red Crescent declared that 10 Palestinians were injured as a result of an Israeli army strike on the Aqabat Jabr Camp in the Jericho Governorate of the eastern West Bank. Furthermore, during the raid on the mentioned area, at least 14 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli troopers.

– On May 27, thousands of Israeli settlers held protest rallies in Kabalan Street in Tel Aviv and several other cities in the occupied Palestinian territories to stand against Premier Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform plans.

– On May 28, local sources said that Israeli regime troops arrested one of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement named Lui Al-Ashqar in Sidon town near Tulkarm city in the West Bank.

– The Israeli regime’s army has initiated the construction of concrete walls, because it is afraid that its soldiers may be targeted by Palestinian resistance anti-tank missiles along the Gaza Strip borderline.

– The Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the Israeli armed forces are preparing themselves for a “Doomsday” confrontation scenario that is a war during it various fronts, especially Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran would take part.

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