Israeli Settlers Continue Anti-Netanyahu Protest Rallies

Sunday 28 May 2023 - 20:32

ISWNews Analysis Group – More than 150,000 Israeli settlers poured into streets in Tel Aviv and several other occupied Palestinian cities to protest against the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform plan for the 21st week in a row.

Thousands of the Israeli settlers protested against Netanyahu’s judicial reform program on May 27 in Kapalan Street in Tel Aviv and several other cities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The recent decline in the value of the shekel (the currency of the Israeli regime) also caused the increase of protest rallies against Premier Netanyahu. The Israeli protesters blocked several streets by holding rallies on Saturday night.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli prime minister declared the suspension of his controversial plan for the judiciary of the regime on March 27, but the Israeli settlers continue protest rallies in various cities of the occupied territories of Palestine in a bid to oppose the so-called judicial reform and some other decisions and actions made by the Israeli premier.

The Israeli protesters are of the opinion that the so-called judicial reforms proposed by new Israeli government will deal a devastating blow to the independence of the Israeli regime’s judicial system.

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