Ukrainian Drone Attack On Moscow (Video)

Tuesday 30 May 2023 - 07:40

ISWNews Analysis Group – In response to the recent Russian attacks on Kyiv and other cities, the Ukrainian army attacked Moscow with at least eight suicide drones.

According to Russian news sources, the capital city of Moscow was attacked by several Ukrainian UJ-22 suicide drones at dawn today. The Russian army air defense systems reportedly managed to destroy some of these drones and some others hit residential buildings.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated the number of attacking drones as eight, five of which were shot down by the Pantsir short-range air defense systems and the other three with electronic warfare.

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The Ukrainian army drone attack did not result in any casualties; However, the drones hit several buildings and caused minor damage in the residential areas of Moscow.

The city of Moscow is located 470 kilometers from the northern borders of Ukraine and has rarely been attacked since the onset of war. During the past days, the Russian army has continuously attacked the city of Kiev with drones and missiles; Hence, the Ukraine attack on Moscow can be considered as Ukraine’s retaliationary response to Russia’s attacks.

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Ukrainian drone over the sky of Moscow
Ukrainian drone over the sky of Moscow
One of the Ukrainian drones hit a residential building in Moscow
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