Opinion: The Terror Of Zionism Pushes The Palestinians To Create Their Own Hezbollah!

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Monday 19 June 2023 - 11:53

Against the backdrop of a week-long escalation of the conflict between Zionism and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), various criminal figures of the “temporary essence”* regularly sent death threats to Hamas leaders if they decided to help comrades from the Palestinian Jihad. Yahya Sinwar and Muhammad Deif were most often among the names. In the end, Hamas took a wait-and-see attitude and preferred to postpone the confrontation with the Zionists until the next episode, while the Palestinian Islamic Jihad stood alone, which further raised its authority in the eyes of the Palestinians of the blockaded Gaza Strip and refugee camps from Lebanon to Jordan.

As for the Zionists themselves, today we see how the apartheid regime can no longer impose its will on the Palestinian resistance and does not even dare to intervene militarily, preferring to arrange terror against political and military figures of Palestinian organizations. The weakness of the essence is obvious, “Israel” avoids a direct collision with the Gaza Strip in every possible way and is content only with air superiority for the sake of one-time operations, losing millions of shekels.

As for the threats to kill the leaders of the Palestinians themselves, we can safely be sure that such a scenario will not bring the desired result to Zionism. I will point out several scenarios in case the occupiers decide to kill members of the leadership of Hamas or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Scenario one – the murder of the leaders of Palestinian resistance organizations will pave the way for young, ambitious and often uncompromising figures to come to power. Actually, a typical internal reaction of an organization with a strong ideological flavor will occur. And in the best case, it is obvious that the new generation of leaders will not comply with most of the points of the so-called truce with the occupiers. In the worst case scenario for the Zionists, there will never be a truce again.

The second scenario is a “soft military coup”. The assassination of politicians may pave the way for a situation in which the heads of the al-Qassam Brigades and the Al-Quds Brigades can take over the Gaza Strip. In this case, the temporary entity will actually have to deal with an army organized on the principle of partisanship. There has never been such a thing in the history of the Gaza Strip, as well as the fact that Zionism has not collided head-on with a super-large monolithic military structure. By the way, the Palestinians already have a prototype for such an association, for example, a “joint operational room”. Such a combination of circumstances will lead the Gaza Strip to reduce diplomacy with the outside world and the Palestinian side will limit itself to military and political ties with the Axis of Resistance, while Egypt will be forced to take responsibility for the economic well-being of the besieged enclave. Attempts by international institutions or traditional channels of communication with the Americans in the person of Qatar and Turkey to somehow influence the situation will be reduced to zero. The military wings of the main political forces of Palestine will have a short time to create a joint paramilitary formation, where the new brigade structures will have equal military capabilities and where there will definitely be no ambition inherent in politicians, which often interferes with the common cause.

In this scenario, the parties will be forced to abandon covert economic cooperation, that is, workers from the Gaza Strip will no longer be able to work in the occupied territories. Responsibility for the economic situation in the Gaza Strip will fall on Egypt, which will be forced to ease the blockade. It is important to understand here that Zionism’s efforts to put economic pressure on the Palestinians will be doomed to failure because of the existence of international institutions, UNRWA, China, the Democratic Party of the USA, the EU, which are absolutely not interested in the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza Strip.

The third scenario is “Palestinian Hezbollah”. If Zionism carries out its threats and a number of leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian Jihad suffer martyrdom, then the development of events may acquire an incredible scenario in which the leading Islamic resistance organizations will create an analogue of the Lebanese Hezbollah. Such a development of events will be a local reaction not only to the blatant terror of the occupiers, but also as fatigue from the rivalry between Hamas and the Palestinian Jihad. By and large, the Palestinians will have no choice and the creation of a single, common revolutionary organization with an Islamic ideology will be the only right solution for the liberation of all of Palestine. All the components for the creation of the “Palestinian Hezbollah” already exist, the Palestinians have authoritative religious figures (for example, the councils of scientists in Lebanon), impressive popular support for Hamas and the PIJ in all refugee camps and a powerful military potential. Moreover, the Sunni factor of the Palestinians will influence the fact that, for example, the branches of the Ikhwans and moderate Salafis in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq will have to support the new Palestinian organization. Given the fact that the “Palestinian Hezbollah” in its majority will have the base of Hamas, which in turn adheres to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, it is obvious that the new Palestinian organization will not have any problems in connection with the Ikhwans from a number of Arab countries. Moreover, unlike, for example, the current leadership of Hamas, the Hezbollah of Palestine will throw off the shackles of regional diplomacy and will easily be able to exert a “revolutionary impact” on the West Bank of Jordan and the Palestinian camps in the aforementioned Jordan, where Palestinians make up 80 percent of the country’s population. Such a scenario would mean the first success from the policy of “exporting the Islamic revolution” to the intra-Palestinian arena.

The “Palestinian Hezbollah” will become something like a symbiosis between the ideology of the Ikhwans and the idea of an Islamic Revolution from Iran, in the event of the emergence of such an organization, it is safe to say that the Palestinians will become a regional factor for the first time in the history of the Ummah, which will significantly multiply the process of liberation of the holy al-Quds.

Many politicians of the Zionist colony have repeatedly pointed out their fears about the appearance of an analogue of Hezbollah in the Gaza Strip, it seems that their fears are not in vain. But what is more strange is the efforts of some careerists from among politicians, the military, representatives of the special services, who know perfectly well that any kind of terror against the Palestinian resistance can only lead to military opposition, but now a similar response from the Palestinians can affect the political direction, which will bring the main fear of Zionism closer.

* – one of the names of the Zionist colony.

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