Israel Does Not Supply Arms To Ukraine To Avoid Iran’s Access To Those Weapons: Netanyahu

Monday 19 June 2023 - 10:29

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Prime Minister of the Israeli regime argued the existing current concerns about Iran’s attempt to obtain the Israeli military equipment and weapons transferred to Ukraine as the reason for Tel Aviv’s refusal to provide military assistance to Kiev.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister, criticized Iran and Russia’s relationship and stated that the reason for not sending weapons to Ukraine was the concern about Iran’s access to that technology.

According to a special report by, Netanyahu expressed his concerns about the expansion of military relations between Iran and Russia during a meeting with members of the Knesset on Tuesday (June 13).

Netanyahu claimed that he had frank and honest talks with Russian officials and told them that Tel Aviv was concerned about the exchange of advanced technologies between Tehran and Moscow.

The regime’s Prime Minister told Knesset representatives in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that he did not know what Russia was using to pay for the military aid it received from Iran.

Israel does not provide air defense systems to Ukraine because it is concerned that this technology will fall into the hands of Russia and then be transferred to Iran.

In February 2023, after the prime minister of Israel announced that he was considering sending military aid to Kiev and he wanted to mediate in this conflict, Russia warned Israel against sending any weapons to Ukraine.

However, images released from the battlefield between Russia and Ukraine show that some Israeli equipment and weapons, including fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missiles like Spike as well as Gaia Amir MRAP, reached Ukrainian military forces.

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