Israeli Armed Forces clash with Residents of Golan Heights (Video)

Wednesday 21 June 2023 - 20:02

Israeli troops clashed with residents of the occupied Golan Heights for the second consecutive day on June 21, following the people’s protest against the occupation of agricultural lands under the pretext of building wind turbines.

ISWNews Analysis Group – On Tuesday, Israeli armed forces prevented the residents of the Golan Heights from entering their lands in the Al-Hafair district in the east of Masada village, and the occupiers fired tear gas at the locals.

Hundreds of the Golan Heights residents went on strike at the shrine of Abu Dharr al-Ghifari hours ago in order to protest the criminal trespasses by the Israeli forces.

The Israeli army has stationed its military forces to besiege the agricultural areas, where the project dubbed “giant turbines” is to be implemented; and they prevent the owners of the agricultural lands from entering their own farms. The move led to clashes between the residents of the Golan Heights and the Israeli occupiers, and as a result of the skirmishes, dozens were injured.

To address the issue, the Syrian Foreign Ministry praised the positions of Golan Heights residents and their opposition to Israeli occupiers’ plans to seize thousands of hectares of agricultural land in that area under the pretext of installing wind turbines.

The ministry emphasized that the Golan Heights belongs to Syria and Arabs; so, it will remain an integral part of the Syrian Arab Republic, and its return to the country’s territory is definitive.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli regime has been seizing the lands belonging to the residents of the Golan Heights and even building settlements forcibly for a long time under the pretext of implementing wind turbine projects, which has always been faced with opposition and protests by the Golan Heights residents, because the move violates international resolutions regarding the status of the lands.

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