Putin Orders Russia Army To Confront Wagner Mercenaries

Saturday 24 June 2023 - 17:48

Russia’s President, in response to recent developments in his country, called for the resolution of differences between the armed forces of the state and the Wagner mercenaries, as well as the fight against insurgents and traitors to the Russian people.

ISWNews Analysis Group – Vladimir Putin made the remarks in a televised speech about recent developments in Russia and the Wagner mercenaries’ rebellion, calling for the resolution of differences.

The president also referred to the West’s military and intelligence warfare against his country, saying that Russia is fighting hard for its future, all Western military and intelligence apparatus is against Russia.

“Now, our people’s fate is being determined and the unity of all forces is necessary, we must put aside any conflict,” Putin said.

He described Wagner fighters, who fight in special operations (Ukraine War), as heroes, and considered those who organized the rebellion as traitors to the name and reputation of the mercenary group.

Putin also threatened that anyone, who deliberately engages in treason, demonizing and preparing for an armed uprising, will be subject to inevitable punishment and that in this regard, the Russian armed forces have received the necessary orders to confront those who organized an armed rebellion.

The Russian president emphasized that he would not allow a repeat of creating a rift in Russia and as a Russian citizen would do anything to defend the country and take decisive actions, including in respect of the situation in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don.

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