Four Syrian Military Forces Martyred In Daraa Governorate

Sunday 25 June 2023 - 20:37

As a result of shootings by unidentified militants towards a vehicle belonging to the Syrian non-military internal security forces in the town of Muzayrib, located in Daraa Governorate, at least four Syrian soldiers were martyred and another military man was injured.

ISWNews Analysis Group – On July 25, unidentified armed men targeted a vehicle belonging to Syria’s General Intelligence Directorate near Al-Jamal Square in the town of Muzayrib in Daraa Governorate. The shooting incident led to martyrdom of four Syrian soldiers and injury of another Syrian soldier in the terrorist raid.

According to an informed source in the Daraa police command, the people had been dispatched to the town of Tafas in the same governorate to be stationed at the examination centers of the city when they were targeted by a terrorist group.

It should be noted that since the Syrian army forces regained control of Daraa Governorate in 2018, the province has been in a state of insecurity, and various areas of the governorate have witnessed numerous terrorist attacks on a daily and weekly basis, including bombings as well as assassination of military and non-military personnel and so on.

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