A Prominent ISIS Commander Killed In Daraa

Monday 29 January 2024 - 10:08

During the armed conflict between ISIS terrorists and Syrian security forces in the city of Nawa, the commander of the Hauran district of the ISIS terrorist group was killed.

On January 28, the Syrian security forces started an operation with the aim of arresting ISIS elements in the city of Nawa, located in Daraa province. The armed battles lasted for several hours, and one of the ISIS terrorists, who was equipped with an explosive belt, blew himself up.

As a result of this conflict, Osama Shehadah Al-Azizi, the commander of the Hauran region of the ISIS terrorist group, and five others were killed.

It is worth mentioning that after the series of SAA operations against ISIS in Daraa province in 2018, it was believed that the hidden cells of this group were disintegrated in Daraa, but after about four years, the activities of ISIS resumed in this province. Since last year, this province has witnessed the activities of ISIS elements and their conflict with the Syrian military.

In recent months, the activity of ISIS cells and terrorist groups in different areas of Syria has increased sharply with the aim of putting pressure on the resistance axis and disrupting the focus of the Resistance from fighting Israel. Daraa province is not exempt from this issue. Considering the rising trend of ISIS attacks and movements in southern Syria, it seems that the employers of this terrorist group have special plans for Daraa and Quneitra and the borders of the occupied Golan.

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