A New Fabrication by West to Attack Syria at the Same Time Syrian Army Operation in Idlib Province

Thursday, 23 August 2018 - 17:21

Islamic World News Analysis: As we approach the Incipient of Syrian Army in northwest of Syria, USA, England and France condemning Syrian Government, threatening to attack.

On 21 August, USA, England and France who are permanent members of security council of UN, with releasing a joint statement, accused Syria to use chemical weapons against civilians and to prevent it, they will answer Syrian Government properly.


Threats of these three countries are at the same time that Syrian Army and its allies are preparing and transporting forces and equipment to north of Lattakia and Hama provinces to start the operation against Tahrir al Sham terrorists and other militants.


Previously, during liberation of eastern Ghoutah of Damascus, same scenario repeated before they attack by missiles to Syrian Government positions and infamous group “the White Helmets” were responsible to fabricate the story of chemical attack to civilians.


Considering previous experiences and by approaching to beginning of Syrian Army’s operation in northwest of Syria, there is a possibility that if the operation starts, we observe story fabrication and fake attacks similar to what happened in Douma.


According to eyewitnesses and Sputnik News, recently a number of barrels containing Chlorine gas has entered Syria from company Atmah at the border of Turkey under escort of terrorists and distributed in northwestern part of Syria and Idlib Province and probably will be used to fabricate a fake chemical attack by the White Helmets.


Also a Twitter account has created with method Bana al Abd in Idlib that is similar to Twitter account Bana to absorb attention of western media and putting Syrian Government under pressure of media by lying.

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