Ukraine Conducts Third Drone Attack On Moscow In A Week (Video)

Tuesday 1 August 2023 - 20:59

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched their third drone strike on Russian soil, targeting the capital of this country with three suicide drones. 

According to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian drones tried to attack some targets in capital Moscow early this morning (August 1, 2023). 

Two drones were destroyed over the areas of Naro-Fominsk and Odintsovo in Moscow and the third drone was shot down by electronic warfare, and as a result of the operation, the third drone hit one of the towers of Moscow.

The building had also been attacked by Ukrainians two days ago. 

The air-strike is the third drone attack by Ukraine on Moscow in the past ten days, but it has not resulted in severe casualties and damage.

Ukraine’s goal of repeating such attacks is to transfer more insecurity and threats into the Russian soil; so, to this end, Moscow seems to be the best target to pursue the objective.

The moment the Ukrainian drone hit a building in Moscow
The moment the Ukrainian drone arrived in Moscow
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