US Troops Stationed In Six Points In Yemen: Ansar Allah Movement

Monday 14 August 2023 - 17:20

Based on the information of Ali al-Qahoum, member of the political bureau of the Ansar Allah movement, the US occupying forces are deployed in 6 points in Yemen.

In a Twitter message, al-Qahoum said that the Yemeni capital Sana’a is closely monitoring the continuous movements of US military forces and their relocation in the Al-And base, the Khur Amira district on the coastal area of Lahij Governorate, Hadhramaut and Al-Mahrah areas as well as in Socotra and Mayyun Islands.

He also emphasized the independence and sovereignty of Yemen, as well as the ability of the Yemeni army to safeguard shipping process and combat terrorism.

The Ansar Allah member went on to say that the unjustified presence of US military forces in Yemen is a danger to the West Asia region, and the Americans’ actions to control and be present in Bab al-Mandab Strait, in addition to violating international laws, threaten international and regional security as well.

Al-Qahoum also concluded his message by warning that the Ansar Allah movement will not remain idle in the face of any conspiracy against Yemen and the region, adding that the presence of the US in the Arab country will not take long, and the people of this territory will stand against aggression towards Yemen as well as dangerous conspiracies against the region by the use of changing the rules of engagement and increasing military capabilities and industries.

The Ansar Allah movement’s repeated warnings come after an announcement by the US military to deploy three thousand military personnel along with two amphibious ships and an assault ship in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait.

According to al-Qahoum’s statements and the movements made by the United States’ Ambassador to Yemen Steven Fagin, as well as other American advisors, US soldiers are stationed in six points in Yemen, including the Al-Anad base, the Khur Amira district on the coast of Lahij Governorate, Hadhramout region (Al-Rayyan Air Base), Al-Mahrah (perhaps Al-Ghaydah Air Base), as well as Socotra and Mayyun Islands.

The widespread deployment of American troops and their presence in those areas indicate that the US has planned to control the southern and southwestern coasts and islands of Yemen. The increase in US military presence in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and Hormuz Strait is aimed at controlling the passage of ships and monitoring Iran’s movements in this route.

The US officials are worried about the formation of an Iran-centered naval coalition in particular following the reconstruction of relationship between the Islamic Republic and regional Arab states; so, all these issues plus the Iranians’ support for Yemen have prompted the Americans to enter the maritime battlefield with the axis of resistance to maintain their position among the Arabs’ ranks.

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