Syrian Army Blocked The US Convoy Near Qamishli

Sunday 20 August 2023 - 17:14

Syrian army forces stopped the convoy of American occupying forces near Tal al-Dhahab area in the north of Hasakah province.

The convoy of the US occupation forces, consisting of four armored vehicles and covered by two attack helicopters, was about to pass near Tal al-Dhahab in the northern suburbs of al-Hasakah, but was stopped by the Syrian army checkpoint and forced to retreat.

It is worth mentioning that most of Hasakah province is under the US control and its proxies, ie the Syrian Democratic Forces. Nevertheless, the Syrian army is still present in a part of the center of Hasakah city (security square), as well as parts of Qamishli city and the south of this city, and in a network of posts and checkpoints in the northern suburbs of Hasakah province.

This is not the first time that the Syrian army prevents American convoys from passing around Qamishli; However, this incident took place, while the northeastern region of Syria is in the most tense situation due to the recent events.

In recent weeks, reports have been published showing that the US terrorist army plans to launch an operation against the SAA and its allies in the region with the aim of cutting off the border areas of Syria and Iraq. Although the Pentagon has denied the existence of such a plan earlier this week, the US military activities and the transfer of troops and equipment in Iraq and Syria say something else.

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