Ahmad Massoud Forces Clash With Taliban In Badakhshan

Monday 21 August 2023 - 12:31

As a result of clashes between Taliban militants and Ahmad Massoud’s forces in the border area of Shiva in the Shaghnan district and the highlands of Shahda district in Badakhshan province, four members of Ahmad Massoud’s forces, including one of their field commanders named Mohammad Tahir, were killed and two others were wounded and three others were captured by the Taliban.

Also, according to media affiliated with Ahmad Massoud, 18 Taliban militants were killed in these clashes, including Qari Rahmatullah Yaftali, the field commander of the Taliban’s Badri Brigade, and 27 others were wounded.

The intensity of clashes were so high that the Taliban had to ask Omari and Badri brigades in Kunduz province to send reinforcements.

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