Ukrainian Drones Attack Russia’s Pskov Airport (Video)

Wednesday 30 August 2023 - 09:21

As a result of last night’s drone attack by the Ukrainian army on the airport of Pskov city in northwest of Russia, several Russian Ilyushin 76 military transport planes caught fire or damaged.

According to the Ministry of Emergency and Emergency Affairs and the Russian media, this attack was carried out by at least 15 suicide drones. Also, an Ilyushin 76 military transport plane caught fire and four other planes were damaged.

Currently, all flights at Pskov airport have been suspended until further notice. According to preliminary information, the airport has not suffered significant damage and government officials have announced that Pskov airport flights will probably resume on Thursday, August 31.

Video: Fire at Pskov airport after Ukrainian drone attack

Pskov Airport is located 675 km from the border of Ukraine and near the borders of two NATO members, Latvia and Estonia. Therefore, there is a possibility that last night’s drone attack on this city’s airport was coordinated by NATO advisors and played by one of the two countries Latvia and Estonia. If this ​assumption is proven, the war will spread to other European countries and there will be a possibility of widespread conflict in Europe.

Pskov and its distance from the northern borders of Ukraine

It should be noted that during the last week, Ukrainian army has carried out several drone attacks against Russian territory; However, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, most of these attacks were neutralized. Also yesterday, the Russian MOD announced that the air defense systems have shot down three Ukrainian drones over Bryansk oblast, one drone over Oryol oblast and one drone over Kaluga oblast.

Recently, Ukrainian drone attacks against Russia has increased dramatically. This is despite the fact that in the past, Ukraine and its allies refused to carry out such attacks due to the fear of Russia’s harsh reaction and possible consequences. It seems that the Ukrainian army and NATO are slowly erasing the red lines declared by Russia. Therefore, if Russia does not take effective measures to deter and prevent such attacks; The scope of NATO and Ukraine attacks will gradually be extended from drones to higher and heavier levels.

Video: Footage of the destroyed Il-76 aircraft at the Pskov airport
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