Iranian Foreign Minister’s Visit To Syria

Friday 1 September 2023 - 14:04

During an official visit to Damascus, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran met and talked with several senior Syrian officials.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, met and discussed with Prime Minister Hossein Arnous and Faisal Mekdad, Foreign Minister of this country, during a trip to the capital of Syria on August 30.

At the beginning of the meeting with the Syrian Prime Minister, Amir-Abdollahian conveyed the greetings and respect of Mohammad Mokhber, the first vice president of Iran, to the Syrian Prime Minister. And invited Faisal al-Maqdad to travel to Tehran and hold the 15th meeting of the High Commission of the two countries.

Amir-Abdollahian called Syria a friend, brother and ally of Iran and Iran a friend of Syria’s difficult times and emphasized the need to strengthen brotherly ties between the two countries.

In this meeting, the Syrian Prime Minister pointed out that the government and people of Syria appreciate Iran’s support to Syria and said:

The relations between the two countries are deep-rooted, friendly and brotherly, and we are proud of these relations. Syria won after 12 years of pressure and war, and now the enemies of the Syrian nation are trying to continue to put pressure on the government and the Syrian nation by imposing sanctions and economic pressure on Syria.

After this meeting, the Iranian Foreign Minister met with his Syrian counterpart and in a joint press conference with Al-Mekdad stated:

Regarding the movements of terrorist groups and the efforts of the Americans to organize terrorists and the continuation of their occupying presence in Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIS, We advise the American soldiers to return home and we advise the American authorities to leave the region to the people of the region.

He added:

The security of Syria and the security of the region is our serious and common concern. We continue our strong support to the Syrian leadership, army, government and nation in order to achieve a safe, stable and developed region. We believe that friendly and brotherly relations between Syria and Turkey are in the interest of both countries and the region. We emphasize on respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, including Syria and Turkey. Iran will continue its efforts to resolve misunderstandings between Turkey and Syria and to establish peace and security on the common border between Syria and Turkey.

It should be noted that Nasser Kanani, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mehdi Shushtri, Assistant Minister and Director General of West Asia and North Africa, Mohammad Sadiq Fazli, Advisor to the Minister and Ministerial Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ali Asghar Khaji, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Special Political Affairs, accompanied Iran’s foreign minister in this trip.

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