Al-Houthi: Ansar Allah Ready To Contribute To Missile, Drone Attacks, If US Engaged In Gaza War

Tuesday 10 October 2023 - 23:12

The leader of Ansar Allah, Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, has reacted to recent developments in the West Asia region, especially the Palestinian resistance groups’ fight against the Israeli regime under the name of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.

Al-Houthi condemned the support of the United States and Western countries for the crimes of the Israeli regime.

The summary of his speech is as follows:

The West believes humanity is largely foolish, and with deceiving titles, it imposes political influence on our societies and then, it laughs at the conflicts.

The people of Palestine have received no attention from international organizations that claim to be concerned with human rights and peacekeeping, and they have not been able to escape oppression and injustice for seventy years.

The United Nations has recognized Israel, a criminal member with no legitimacy, as a member and acknowledged its blatant oppression and injustice against Palestine.

Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council have not provided any support for Palestine and have not protected children, women, and civilians in the occupied territories.

The issue of deception and hope is a Western tool for diverting the rights of the people of Palestine from returning to their homeland.

This conspiracy is pursued to destroy the dream of Palestine within the framework of Israeli normalization with Arab and Islamic countries.

The Palestinian people have no choice but to engage in jihad (armed conflict against enemies of Islam) to defend themselves against injustice, expel occupiers, revive their legitimate rights, and save their prisoners.

Operation Al-Aqsa Storm is a great and important operation that falls within the framework of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to confront the oppressive and occupying enemy.

The United States is complicit in all the crimes of the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people and, in general, against the Islamic Ummah. Israel is a child of the United States, and this is a correct view to know who our enemy is that is targeting Muslims and the Palestinian people.

The Western countries have expressed their support for the Israeli regime. It is the religious, national, and moral duty of the Islamic and Arab nations to support the people of Palestine through any political, media, material, or military means.
It is not acceptable for the Islamic nations to watch the people of Palestine and their fighters while Western countries support the oppressive and disrespectful enemy.

Where are the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League? Why don’t they hold serious meetings to take a firm stance?
There are weak positions among Arab countries, and their normalization with the Zionist enemy reveals their loyalty to the foe and their exploitation of Palestine.

The regimes that have normalized relations try to talk about jihadi movements as if there is no reason for war and that Palestine is part of Iran, and they fight on behalf of Iranians!
Our people are ready to do anything to fulfill their sacred duty in supporting the people of Palestine, and their participation in demonstrations shows this position.

I wish we were close to Palestine, and if it were possible, our people would send hundreds of thousands of fighters to defend Palestine, but there is a geographical distance and there are some countries between us.

We are in complete coordination with the resistance axis. This coordination is based on specific levels of events and red lines, including direct US intervention. In this case, we are ready to participate in missile, drone, and other military attacks.

Addressing the Gaza fighters and the people of Palestine, I say: You are not alone; our people and the free people of the Islamic nations are with you, and do not pay attention to propaganda and media attacks. Operation Al-Aqsa Storm is a signal from God to start a new phase. May God grant victory and strength to the fighters and people of Palestine. Operation Al-Aqsa Storm is a sign of the almighty God’s assistance for the Palestinians.

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