Ansar Allah Leader: Israelis Atrocities Have Reached The Highest Level. These Crimes Even Awaken The Conscience Of The Dead!

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - 15:32

Seyyed Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, the leader of #Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement, gave an important speech on the occasion of the “Martyr’s Day” anniversary ceremony regarding the recent developments in the region.

Seyyed Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi:

▪️The pride, honor and glory of the Yemeni nation is connected with the revival of the duty of “Jihad in the sight of Allah” and a nation without Jihad will be humiliated, divided and captured by the enemy.

▪️Today’s weakness of Muslims and the resulting disasters show the importance of the obligation called “jihad in the way of God”. What Muslims need is the spirit of martyrdom so that they can overcome the terror of their enemies.

▪️The position of the Islamic Ummah, the position of one and a half billion Muslims, is weak against the crimes of the Zionist criminal enemy in Palestine.

▪️They bombing civilians, children, women, young and old, schools, hospitals, houses. They bomb the announced exit routes, gather them at a designated location, and then massacre. They use all methods to kill the Palestinians. These crimes even awaken the conscience of the dead!

▪️ Jewish (Zionists) atrocity and crime have reached the highest level. The conscience of the dead of this world must be revived. These tragic images should wake up everyone’s conscience.

▪️Palestine is besieged by a Hebrew-Arab alliance. Arab countries help the blockade of Gaza and prevent the sending of aid. Where are the children of this Islamic nation and Arabs? Why don’t they act on their responsibility? Why are you not moving? what are you waiting for?!

▪️Arab rulers and heads of 57 Islamic and Arab countries did not do anything in that meeting. You only issued a statement! What is the power of 57 Arab and Islamic countries? Is this your facility? A school child can do the same thing! Even the Israelis mocked you.

▪️Latin American countries took a stronger position towards Islamic and Arab countries and cut ties with Israel.

▪️What the Saudi regime is doing is shameful. Instead of helping Palestine, it hosts gay parties in Riyadh! What is your answer before God? Americans kill men, women, children of Gaza and you dance with them in Riyadh! This is unfortunate and morally and humanly abominable.

▪️America and Israel are two sides of the same coin. They are occupiers and corrupt, they commit crimes with each other and help each other.

▪️After America, European countries gave military and financial aid to Israel. They encourage Israel to bomb and commit crimes! The tyrannical West helps them, while the Muslims have emptied the back of Palestine.

▪️We, the people of Yemen, the faithful and wise Yemen, we, with human dignity and religious responsibility, set our positions against the Zionist enemy and supporting Palestine from the first day. We help and support them at all levels, with God’s help.

▪️The position of Yemen should be a model for Islamic and Arab countries. Yemenis held the largest demonstrations in support of Palestine and against #Israel.

▪️If there is a way, even if it is limited and small and only a passage for Yemenis, hundreds of thousands of Yemenis will enter Gaza to help Palestine.

▪️Our operations against Israel will continue and we will spare nothing for Palestine. The brothers of the missile and drone forces carried out operations against the Israeli enemy, the last of which was last day.

▪️Let everyone know! Israel does not dare to plant its flag on its ships in the Red Sea. They are afraid of Yemen and use other flags and turn off their systems in the waters near Yemen so as not to be detected, but we have our eyes open and we will find them in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandeb and we will definitely attack them. This is our clear position, let the whole world know this!

▪️The Americans send us messages, but we tell them that your messages are of no value to us. We are a nation that wanted to stand up from the first day and chanted the slogans: death to America, death to Israel, curse to Jews and victory for Islam.

▪️All our power, our media, social bases, etc., everything has been directed to support Palestine despite the siege and our many problems.

▪️We ask all Islamic and Arab nations to boycott American and Israeli goods. Companies that support Zionists should be sanctioned. Anyone in any country that has restrictions on demonstrations and gatherings can support Palestine in this way.

▪️We praise and thank every country that supports Palestine. We ask all Muslims to take a united stand and take a united action against Israel.

▪️Our nation, in the literal sense of the word, are honest, brave and resistant people. We have no interest or connection with America, England, etc., and they cannot dissuade us from this position.

▪️These recent events have lessons and lessons. These incidents made the face of the enemy clear. These events showed that the worst people are the Jews (Zionists). This is a divine test.

▪️Where is freedom? Where are human rights? Women’s rights? Children’s rights? What is the role of human rights institutions and the United Nations? We tell you that you are a liar, Palestine exposed your lies.

▪️The Secretary General of the UN uses expressions that do not anger #Israel. He calls resistance groups, terrorists, etc. but Israel is the executioner and you want to deceive the world with American and European tone.

▪️Despite the weak position of Islamic and Arab countries, Mujahideen in Gaza have great patience and persistent resistance. The effort of our nation to support and solidarity with Palestine continues. We ask God for the victory of the Mujahideen of Palestine.

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