SDF Claims Killing, Injuring At Least 9 Turkish Soldiers!

Wednesday 11 October 2023 - 22:25

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claimed that as a result of targeting Turkish army positions in northern Syria, it managed to kill and injure at least 9 Turkish soldiers.

On October 10, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced that in response to Turkiye’s attacks on northern Syria, SDF forces targeted Turkish army positions in the areas of Um Shaifa, Bab al-Faraj, Tal Muhammad, Aldawoudiya, and Abdalhay. As a result of these attacks, 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and 5 others were injured.

The Syrian Democratic Forces added that since the start of retaliatory operations in recent days, at least 15 Turkish soldiers were killed and 13 others were injured.

The SDF media center rejected Turkiye’s claim of killing 162 SDF militants and destroying 194 military headquarters, calling it a lie and false information.

It should be noted that from October 5 to 9, Turkish forces targeted 209 points in northern and northeastern Syria, including military headquarters, residential areas, and infrastructure facilities.

Finally, President of Turkiye Erdogan Recep Tayyip announced on October 9 that the first phase of his country’s military operation against PKK terrorist group positions in northern Syria and Iraq came to an end.

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  1. death to america says:

    so 9 turkish soldiers died in the zionist usurper entity