Latest Updates on Afghanistan 10 September 2018; Two More Cities Falling to Taliban

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 - 09:07

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Two cities Daeimirdad of Maydan Vardak province and Khamab of Jozjan province fell to Taliban’s control.

Right now Daeimirdad has been reclaimed but Khamab is still occupied.


During the engagement between security forces and Taliban in five bases and governmental buildings in Daeimirdad, 25 security forces are martyred.

The city was reclaimed after reinforcement arrived.


City Khamab in Jozjan province fell after two days of engagement. According to local officials, if Army does not send reinforcement, town Aqcheh will fall as well.


Jozjan province at the border of Turkmenistan and Vardak province which is located in the south of Kabul are security barriers for the capital.

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