Iran Intelligence Ministry, Afghanistan’s Taliban Arrested Mossad Agents On Afghan Border!

Sunday 5 November 2023 - 16:27

According to local media reports, in a joint operation by forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Afghanistan’s Taliban intelligence agency, three individuals affiliated to the Israeli regime’s Intelligence Community Mossad were arrested in border areas of Afghanistan.

These individuals were Iranian nationals and intended to carry out attacks using suicide drones on Iranian soil and try to create discord between Iran and the Taliban.

It is also said that the Taliban caretaker government will soon transfer the detainees to Iran for interrogation.

The preparation and implementation of such terrorist plots are expected in the current crisis situation that the Israeli regime is facing. It is worth mentioning that Iranian nuclear facilities, military sites, and border areas can be targeted.

Furthermore, since the onset of the Gaza war, Persian-language media outlets in the Israeli occupied territories have repeatedly attempted to provoke terrorist acts in Iranian border provinces such as Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan, as well as trigger political and social disputes, but they have been unsuccessful for various reasons.

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