Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Northern Palestine, 6 November 2023 (Map)

Monday 6 November 2023 - 23:32

On the 30th and 31st days of fighting, clashes between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces continued inside the Gaza Strip. During the last two days, the Israeli army has made advances in the north and south of Gaza City. The amount of these advances is small and limited. Palestinian fighters strongly resist the Israeli attacks.

In the Beit Hanoun axis, there has been no specific change in the field map. Clashes continue inside Beit Hanoun.

In the northern axis of Gaza City, Israeli forces have reached the vicinity of al-Shati neighborhood by advancing along the coastline. Also, clashes continue in Al-Tawam, Al-Salatin, Al-Karamah neighborhoods and near Sheikh Radwan.

In the southern axis of Gaza City, the Israeli regime slightly advanced in the direction of Al-Rashid Street and the coastline. In this axis, clashes continue in the south of Tal Al-Hawa and Sheikh Al-Ajlin neighborhoods, as well as parts of the west of Al-Zaitun neighborhoods.

As mentioned in the previous articles, the Israeli army has resorted to tanks and armored vehicles to a large extent to prevent human casualties; Thus, the lack of sufficient infantry alongside armored vehicles has made it very difficult to advance in urban areas. Also, for this reason, Israeli tanks and armored vehicles are constantly ambushed by Palestinian fighters and the Israeli army has suffered many losses. It should be noted that 97 Israeli tanks and armored vehicles have been destroyed or seriously damaged by Palestinian militants since the beginning of the Israeli ground attacks on Gaza, and these figures are while the urban war has not yet been activated in all areas.

In the southern axis of the Gaza Strip and the surrounding areas of Khan Yunis, no special progress has been made.

The heavy bombardment of different areas of the Gaza Strip continues. The Ministry of Health of Palestine announced that the number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to more than 10,022 people. Also, more than 24,000 people have been injured. 70% of the martyrs and injured of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip are women and children.

On the northern front, artillery and missile attacks between Hezbollah and Israel continue, and no specific changes have been made in the front lines. During the last two days, Hezbollah has attacked the positions and equipment of the Israeli regime in border areas using artillery fire and anti-armor missiles. The Israeli regime also bombards Hezbollah’s positions and various areas of southern Lebanon using artillery and fighter jets. In one of these attacks, a car was targeted, during which four Lebanese civilians were martyred. In response to this attack, Hezbollah targeted Kiryat Shemona with Grad rockets.

During the last two days, five members of Hezbollah were martyred.

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