Yemeni Armed Forces Carry Out 6th Operation Against Israel (Video)

Tuesday 7 November 2023 - 07:20

Late on November 6, the armed forces of Yemen carried out the sixth missile and drone operation against the Israeli regime.

Colonel Yahya Saree, the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman said in the statement that we launched a group of drones towards important targets of the Israeli enemy in the occupied territories, and that as a result of these operations, the movement at the enemy’s targeted military bases and airports was suspended for several hours.

He further pointed to the efforts and resilience of the armed forces of Yemen to carry out higher quality military operations in order to meet the demands of the great Yemeni people and the Islamic nations until the end of the brutal Israeli aggressions in the Gaza Strip.

According to official statements from the armed forces of Yemen and the US military, this operation is the sixth military operation of the Ansar Allah movement against the Israeli regime in support of the people and resistance of Palestine.

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The launch moments of drones towards the Israeli positions in occupied Palestine
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