Newly Established ‘SWAT Arabian Island’ Strikes Israel

Sunday 12 November 2023 - 18:46

The newly formed group, ‘SWAT Arabian Island’, issued a statement, announcing that they conducted a drone attack on Israeli positions in the Umm al-Rashrash ‘Eilat’ city.

In a statement released on November 11, the newly formed Islamic resistance group dubbed SWAT Arabian Island declared that the whole world is witnessing the savagery, oppression, and terrorist acts committed by the Israeli regime and the support of the United States as well as other Western countries, which have always filled our ears with titles such as compassion, human rights, and global security.

The statement continued that we in SWAT Arabian Island group declare that we targeted the city of Eilat with two drones. Our strikes and slaps have begun and will not stop until the end of the brutal war against Gaza.

This is the first operational action and statement by the SWAT Arabian Island group. It appears that this group is also one of the Iraqi resistance groups formed to attack the positions of the Israeli regime’s army in occupied Palestine.

SWAT Arabian Island statement
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