Islamic Resistance Of Iraq Unveils New Missile

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - 10:56

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has issued a statement to publicize the unveiling of a new ballistic missile named Sarem.

On November 14, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq issued a statement and released an image of the new ballistic missile dubbed Sarem.

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq emphasized in the statement that the missile was unveiled as part of the response to the Israeli regime’s war crimes during the invasion of the Gaza Strip, which occurred under the guidance and management of the United States.

The images of the Sarem ballistic missile show that it is similar in size and shape to the Al-Aqsa 1 missile, both of which appear to be based on the same warhead design. Both unveiled missiles possess a combination of fins and a similar shape to the Fateh missile family.

Given the fact that the Islamic Resistance of Iraq has not yet announced the specifications of the two missiles officially, it seems to be difficult to determine their exact type. But, with a diameter of 368 mm, neither of the two examples can be the Fateh 360.

However, we can consider three possibilities for the two missiles Al-Aqsa 1 and Sarem.

In the first possibility, Al-Aqsa 1 could be a BM45 missile, and with the possibility of the existence of Al-Aqsa 2, another option must also be sought among the Fateh missile family. In this case, Sarem missile must be a BM250 missile.

But in the second possibility, Al-Aqsa 1 would be a Fateh-110 missile, and Sarem missile must be a Fateh-313 missile. However, the shape of the wings of the Sarem missile is similar to the Zolfaghar missile as well.

The third possibility is the production of exclusive missiles for the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, which may have been named and unveiled according to the needs of the time. In this case, the missiles only resemble Iranian models in appearance and may have significant changes to reduce costs while using the same engine.

It should be noted that the Islamic Resistance of Iraq had previously published an image on November 6 and unveiled another missile called Al-Aqsa 1.

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