Military Situation Of North Palestine-South Lebanon, 22 November 2023 (Map)

Wednesday 22 November 2023 - 22:43

Summary Of Rocket And Missile Attacks On The Border Areas of Palestine And Lebanon, 22 November 2023

On the 47th day of fighting in Palestine, the artillery duels and rocket and missile attacks continued between Hezbollah and Israeli regime in southern Lebanon, northern Palestine.

The Israeli regime attacks are as follow:
▪️Fighter jet attacks:
The Israeli fighter jets bombarded the areas of Lebouneh, Al-Naqourah, Majdal Zun and Shiheen.
▪️Artillery attacks:
The Israeli army artillery shelled the areas of Aytron, Kfaarkala, Blida, Mhaibib, Al-Hammamis-Wazzani road, Marwahin, Shiheen, Umm al-Tout, Qaliyeh, Hammims, Ayta al-Shaab, Dhahira, Tayirharfa, Alama al-Shaab and Meis al-Jabal.

Hezbollah attacks are as follow:
▪️Rocket attacks:
Shtula outpost with Burkan rocket
Zar’it outpost with Burkan rocket
▪️ATGM missile, artillery and shooting attacks:
– Attack on Baiadh base.
– Attack on Yiftah outpost.
– Attack on Ramieh outpost.
– Attack on Matat outpost.
– Attack on Malikia outpost two times.
– Attack on an Israeli force in Harsh Hanita.
– Attack on Shtula outpost.
– Attack on Marj outpost.
– Attack on al-Asi outpost.

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