Ex-Israeli Security Official Describes Yemen As Strategic Problem For Tel Aviv

Sunday 26 November 2023 - 21:12

In an interview with an Israeli TV channel, a former Israeli security official referred to the missile and naval threats from Yemen as a major problem for the Tel Aviv regime and called for an evaluation and solution by Israeli political and military leaders.

Giora Eiland, a retired Major General of the Israel Defense Forces and a former head of the Israeli National Security Council, discussed the current state of war and stated that Israel is facing numerous problems in Gaza, the northern front, the closure of the Red Sea to Israeli ships, and tensions on the West Bank.

He then went on to examine the threats from Yemen against Israel, saying: “Our problem with Yemen is their position in the southern Gulf of Aden, and this problem is greater than their missile threat. If they seize more Israeli ships, this problem will become bigger. Yemen is truly a strategic threat to Israel, and it seems that the Americans do not give it the importance it deserves and prefer not to go to war with them.”

The Armed Forces of Yemen have been directly involved in the fight against Israel since October 19, supporting the Palestinian people and resistance movements.

During this period, they have carried out nearly 10 missile and drone operations against Israel and shot down an American MQ-9 drone. However, the peak of Yemen’s measures against the Israeli regime was the seizure of the Israeli ship Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea, which demonstrated Israel’s weakness and led to numerous reactions in the Israeli media.

Some of the Israeli media could not tolerate this defeat and attributed it to Brigadier General Abdolreza Shahlaei, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force in Yemen. Israel’s inability to respond to multiple attacks by the Yemeni army has led the regime to call for the United States’ intervention to control Yemen’s actions.

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