Israeli Forces Reached Khan Yunis! (Map)

Tuesday 5 December 2023 - 17:50

Today, the Israeli tanks advanced southward on the Salah al-Din road and reached the Bani Suheila area and the entrance to the city of Khan Yunis. Today’s advances took place after Israeli forces blocked the Salah al-Din road in the middle of the Gaza Strip yesterday. In fact, the Israeli forces established a bridgehead in the middle areas of the Gaza Strip to continue the invasion to the north and south and have taken the upper hand in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

The tanks and forces of the Israeli regime have penetrated to the vicinity of ” Alam square” in the center of Bani Suheila and are targeting any movements in these areas. Dar al-Salam hospital is also under siege. The Israeli tanks has been spotted near al-Awdeh bakery and chicken broast restaurant in Bani Suheila. It is also said that Israeli helicopters are active over the Khan Yunis to provide close air support to the forces.

Clashes continue in Al-Birka axis and south of Deir al-Balah, and no specific changes have been made in the field map of the battles in this axis.

Interactive map of Khan Younis

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