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Saturday 2 November 19 - 21:03

Video: Engagement Between Palestinian Resistance and Israeli Regime Army

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night Palestinian Resistance forces launched rocket attack on Zionist inhabited lands in retaliation to Israeli regime fighters and artillery attack on Ghaza strip. – Resistance fired 10 rockets toward Zionist towns. – Due to the attacks the alarm was heard in Sderot and Shair towns seven times. – Hebrew media claimed […]

Monday 6 May 19 - 08:33

Latest Updates on Palestine, 5 May 2019; Unveiling New Missile Badr 3 + Video

1. Bombing more than 150 points in Gaza strip including 7 residential buildings, 4 houses, Mustafa mosque in Al Shati camp in west of Gaza, 3 blacksmith and carpentry shops in Zaytun and Shajaeiya neighborhood, fishing harbor in Khan Yunis and Rafah, 3 broadcasting centers, 21 educational institutes and 17 watch posts of Resistance by […]