Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; Israeli Forces Reached The Center Of Gaza City (Map)

Friday 8 December 2023 - 12:51

Review of the latest military situation in the battle fronts in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

Following the battles in Gaza City between the Israeli forces and the Palestinian fighters, the Israeli regime army has managed to advance along Omar al-Mukhtar street and take control of the police station at the end of this street.

With the advances made, the Israeli forces have practically reached the center of Gaza City and the fighting has entered Al-Shajaiya neighborhood from the north.

Israeli army advance in downtown Gaza City – click to view full size

In north of Gaza city, clashes continued around Jabalia refugee camp and south of Beit Lahia between Palestinian fighters and Israeli regime forces. As a result of the recent clashes, Kamal Adwan Hospital and Al-Awdah Hospital have been out of service.

In the west of Jabalia camp, Palestinian forces succeeded in conducting an ambush operation against Israeli tanks that were trying to infiltrate the areas around al-Shuhada Square.

Today (Dec. 7), images and videos were published from south of Beit Lahia, which showed that the Israeli forces arrested dozens of civilians, young and old, And in an inhuman act after stripping them, they took them to an unknown location. The geolocation of footage reveals that the Israeli forces have advanced a few more blocks in the south of Beit Lahia. It is possible that after the aforementioned advances, Beit Lahia area in the north of the Gaza Strip is now completely surrounded.

Military situation in north of Gaza city – click to view full size

In the south of Gaza Strip, clashes continue in the east and northeast of Khan Yunis city between Palestinian fighters and Israeli regime forces. Clashes have reached ‘Road 5’ in the northeast of Khan Yunis, and Israeli tanks are active in the al-Katibah area. It seems that the Israeli army plans to besiege the city of Khan Yunis from the north by advancing on this axis.

In the east of Khan Yunis and Bani Suheila area, heavy clashes continued between Palestinians and Israeli forces. Today, for the third day in a row, Al-Awda and Al-Khansa schools in Absan area are surrounded by Israeli forces. About 4,000 refugees are accommodated in these schools and are unable to leave the schools for fear of Israeli attacks. The Israeli regime forces target any movement in Absan area. Last night, Israeli warplanes attacked a vehicle in al-Saqiya square in Absan al-Kabirah and murdered four women.

Military situation around the city of Khan Yunis – click to view full size

Interactive map of Gaza Strip

Latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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