Latest Updates On The Gaza Strip; 94th Day Of Fighting

Tuesday 9 January 2024 - 21:12

Review of the latest military situation in the Gaza Strip after 94 days of fighting.

Currently, the central and southern areas of the Gaza Strip are the most active fronts in the Gaza Strip.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, clashes continued in the center and south of the city of Khan Yunis. According to field information, the Zionist occupying forces have destroyed the agricultural lands and the houses of the citizens in front of the Khan Younis Faculty of Science and Technology. This shows that the Israeli forces are advancing in the southwest of Khan Yunis city.

The military situation in the south of the Gaza Strip and Khan Yunis

In the middle of the Gaza Strip, clashes continued in Al-Bureij and Al-Maghazi and around Nuseirat as well as at the entrance of Al-Zawayda. Israeli artillery and fighter jets are severely targeting Al-Zawayda area. By putting pressure on Al-Zawayda and advancing on this axis, the Israeli regime plans to surround Nuseirat and approach Deir al-Balah.

The military situation in the center of the Gaza Strip

In the north of the Gaza Strip, after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the inner areas of the city, there is no specific ground conflict in Gaza City and the Israeli regime has turned to airstrikes again. However, today clashes were reported near Kuwait junction in the southern suburbs of Al-Zaytoun neighborhood. Kuwait junction is located on the 10th street in the contact line between the Israeli and Palestinian forces. Earlier we announced that the Israeli forces have retreated to behind the 10th street in south of Gaza City. In fact, clashes around Kuwait junction once again confirms the correctness of the IWN map regarding the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the north of the Gaza Strip.

It is also said that the Israeli regime has completed its withdrawal from the northern areas of the Gaza Strip. If this claim is true, the few remaining areas in the north of Gaza should also be cleared of the Zionists.

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The military situation in the north of the Gaza Strip

Interactive map of the Gaza Strip

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