An Israeli Officer: Hamas Forces Changed Their War Tactics In Northern Gaza!

Sunday 19 May 2024 - 10:55

One of the officers of the paratrooper brigade of the Israeli army in an interview with Channel 12:

— Hamas forces have changed their war tactics compared to the previous times when we attacked the northern Gaza Strip.

— There are many ambushes in Jabalia and there have been many close-range shootings. Hamas fighters come out of the tunnels and take advantage of the destruction caused by our attacks in the area and get close to our forces.

— Hamas fighters are in no hurry to come out of their hiding places and confront directly; After a day or two, they come out of the tunnels and engage directly with our forces.

— We found many rigged houses with explosives in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas fighters managed to blow up some of them. They were checking where we were coming in and in what directions we were moving and some ambushes were executed on our way forward.

— Al-Qassam forces are firing RPG rockets at our forces.

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