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Tuesday 6 September 22 - 19:22

Why did a Syrian newspaper criticize Hamas?

Immediately after the battle of the “unity of squares”, the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan published an article titled “Hamas betrayed the resistance and responded to aggression with statements.” In the context of Hassan Nasr-Allah’s recent statements about the inevitable reconciliation between Hamas and Assad, the Syrians decided to criticize the leading Palestinian party. Why? Does official […]

Sunday 14 August 22 - 07:13

Hamas is returning to Syria!

After reports of Hamas’ readiness to return to Syria, a number of experts from opposite sides (supporters of “against” the Hamas decision to return) expressed their opinion. Their first argument is based on the opinion that “the dictatorship of Syria is an outcast and they say any alliance with an isolated country will harm the […]

Thursday 23 June 22 - 17:59

Opinion: Hamas Surrounds the Zionists!

Representatives of the IRGC and Hezbollah regularly warned that military and political surprises await Zionism in future battles, it seems that the outlines of one of these surprises can be found already now. The beginning of the year marked new opportunities for Hamas, for example, it is no longer a secret that the leading Palestinian […]

Tuesday 18 May 21 - 17:40

Israeli warship was hit by Hamas

ISWNews Analysis Group: Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Hamas, announced to attack an Israeli warship at Gaza coast.

Friday 13 December 19 - 17:48

Image : Hamas 32th anniversary in the Gaza Strip

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today is the 32th anniversary of the formation of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, where the Palestinian people marched on this occasion in the Gaza Strip.

Monday 22 July 19 - 07:12

Latest Updates on Palestine 21 July 2019

An explosion in the arm factory of Israel regime in Tel Aviv. The sound of this explosion were heard in Herzliya and Ramat. No more information were published from this explosion.