Defeat Of Israel’s Deterrent Power Equivalent To Its Collapse: IRGC Cmdr.

Thursday 30 May 2024 - 18:39

The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Amir-Ali Hajizadeh emphasized that Israel, in order to prevent Iran’s recent response, sent a message through the Egyptian Foreign Minister that it would back down in the Gaza war.

Hajizadeh’s statement comes as follows:

– The destruction of Israel through military action is not sweet for the world. The people of the world must be enlightened and aware, the Gaza war is the cost for the enlightenment of the world, and the events that are taking place in the world today are all a result of the Gaza war.

– The expansion of the war was costly for the Zionist regime, and they were looking for an action with low cost and high effectiveness. The entry of the usurping regime into this crime against Iran was a miscalculation, and they thought that Iran would not respond to their crime and that the resistance forces would act instead of Iran.

– Israel sent a message through the Egyptian foreign minister that it would back down in the Gaza war to prevent Iran’s response.

– Martyr Amirabdollahian, the Foreign Minister, played an active role in the diplomacy of the Operation True Promise. Israel and the United States equipped the countries of the region to defend Israel in order to prevent the damage of Iran’s response. About 221 fighter jets were put on alert to prevent Iran’s attacks.

– According to the admission of foreign countries, the Operation True Promise was the largest missile and drone operation in the world. To overcome Israel’s Iron Dome, a large number of missiles and drones were needed; the operation was punitive, limited, and extensive, and two intelligence and operational bases that played a role in the martyrdom of Iranian military commanders in Syria were destroyed.

– The defeat of Israel’s deterrent power is equivalent to its collapse. Now the resistance axis has gained morale, and the history of the region has been divided into before and after the operation. The result of this operation is good deterrent power and an exemplary one for the Islamic Republic, and as a result of this victory, the economy and morale of the people have improved, and national cohesion in support of this operation has increased.

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It is worth mentioning that in response to the Israeli attack on April 1 against the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which led to the martyrdom of some Iranian military advisors, the IRGC launched an extensive missile and drone strike on the Israeli-occupied territories that was dubbed Operation True Promise at midnight on April 13 and in the early morning of April 14.

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