Yemeni Army Attacks A Ship In Red Sea, The Ship May Sink!

Friday 14 June 2024 - 10:14

The Yemeni Armed Forces and Iraqi resistance carried out joint military operations against the Israeli regime’s interest in the region and in the occupied territories.

According to the spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, the Yemeni army carried out a special military operation against the TUTOR ship in the Red Sea using a USV, a number of drones and ballistic missiles.

This operation resulted in serious damage to the ship and the TUTOR ship is in danger of sinking.

— TUTOR is a bulk carrier that has been operating under the flag of Liberia since 2022. The origin and destination of this ship are not registered on the ship tracking sites and there are not many pictures of it.

The Yemeni Armed Forces also conducted two joint military operations with the “Islamic resistance In Iraq”.

— In the first operation, the Yemeni army and the Iraqi resistance targeted a vital target in the city of Ashdod with cruise missiles,

— In the second operation, a vital target in the city of Haifa was targeted by a number of drones.

According to Yahya Saree, both operations successfully achieved their goals.

According to the statistics of the IWN, the missile and drone attacks by the Yemeni army on the TUTOR ship is the 112th official attack by Yemeni Armed Forces on illegal ships (vessels belonging to the Israeli regime, the US, the UK, and their affiliated ships) in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, as well as the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Also, the joint operation of the Yemeni army and the Islamic resistance In Iraq in Haifa and Ashdod is the second joint operation of the Yemeni and Iraqi forces.

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