Vast Moghawemat Rocket Attack to Occupied Lands in Retaliation of Moghawemat Martyrs + Clips

Monday, 12 November 2018 - 18:00

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From today evening, Moghawemat missile units in retaliation of Zionists last night attack to Khan Yunes, which resulted in martyrdom of six, fired more than 100 rockets to Zionist towns.

Last night due to Zionists operation in Khan Yunes, six Moghawemat troops are killed.
Also one Zionist soldier was killed in engagement.


After this, “Joint Operation Room of Islamic Resistance Groups” in a statement condemned the operation, considered Zionist regime responsible and showed their preparation to answer the assaults.


Therefore, from today evening Moghawemat performed a rocket attack to occupied lands.
It is predictable that tension increases.


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