Cease-fire in Gaza and Claim of Victory over Israel by Moghawemat

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 - 15:04

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In two days of battle and Israel experiencing heavy casualties, they announced cease-fire.

On Tuesday noon, Israel regime officials summited to investigate the evolutions in Gaza; on the other hand there is news that an Egyptian security group came to Israel for negotiations.


A few hours later Joint Commandment of Moghawemat releasing a statement announced that Egypt’s effort resulted in a cease-fire between engaging sides and as long as Israel respects it, Moghawemat respects it too.

After the news of cease-fire, inhabitants of Khan Yunes in support of Moghawemat and to celebrate the victory walked to martyr Nour Baraka house, a commander of Qassam brigades.


Last night everywhere in Gaza people celebrated for the victory over Zionist enemy.

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