Commander Alipour Set Free; Afghanistan

Monday, 26 November 2018 - 19:53

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Numerous protests all over Afghanistan forced Government to set Commander Alipour free.

After arrest of people’s favorite commander, i.e., Commander Alipour “Sword”, numerous protests formed all over the Afghanistan.


Some of the protests in some places such as Kabul, Daikandi and Bamiyan became violent and some people were martyred and injured but there is no confirmed census about it.

According to some reliable sources at least 15 people were martyred and more were injured.
On the other hand, Afghan Ministry of State claimed that police did not use weapon against people…


After more pressure on Government by protesters, Weis Ahmad Barmak, Minister of State stated today afternoon that Mr. Alipour is free according to law with bail and by request of some politicians and elders.

He demanded people to go back to their homes.


According to latest news, Commander Alipour is free and is at Vice President’s office meeting people’s representatives and politicians.


It is noteworthy that in last June, Nazam Ad Din Qaysari chief representative of General Dostum was arrested in Faryab province.

The arrest caused wide protests in Afghanistan that time.

Today Abdul Rashid Dostum, founder of National Islamic Movement Party and first Vice President released a statement about arrest of Commander Alipour and Qaysari and demanded their freedom.

There is no confirmed news about Qaysari situation so far.

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