Latest Updates on Afghanistan 6th December 2018; Sayyad Is about to Fall

Friday, 7 December 2018 - 19:23

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation travels to regions; Operation in Zabol; Dangerous situation in Sare Pol province

1. Sare Pol:
According to governor of Sare Pol, Sayyad is about to fall to Taliban.

Last night three outposts were occupied and six security forces are martyred.
Due to Taliban two nights attacks to Sayyad, Police chief and two other forces are martyred and three other are injured.
According to Zabihullah Amani, spokesperson of Sare Pol province, the frontline is three km from the city Sayyad and there is no detailed report of casualties of both sides.
Fall of Sayyad is an introduction for fall of Sare Pol city, capital of Sare Pol province.

Last year, the genocide of Mirza Olang which resulted in martyrdom of tens of Shias happened around Sayyad.


2. Zabol:
Due to a clear up operation in Shah Juy, Zabol province nine Taliban members are killed and 12 suspects are arrested.


3. US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation travels to regions

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad, regional trips started from last Tuesday and he first visited Pakistan. It is said that he met Paki officials as well as a committee of Taliban political office who came from Qatar to Pakistan.
Zalmay Khalilzad after visiting Pakistan, entered Kabul on Thursday morning and met with officials of National Unity Government.
Finally he left for Moscow to discuss peace negotiations with Russian officials.


4. Qunduz:
Hundreds of Khan Abad people blocked the highway Qunduz-Takhar in Tank Kazem region. Protestors demand liberation of commander Navid and will not stop until he is free.
Commander Navid is one of people’s commanders in Khan Abad, Qunduz province who was arrested a few days ago in Takhar province by government agents.

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