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Wednesday, 7 July 2021 - 15:23

Afghanistan: IWN field report on Balkhab situation

ISWNews Analysis Group: The people of Balkhab district in Sar-e Pol province have mobilized under the leadership of “Sayyed Hassan Safaei” and have begun to resist the Taliban attacks.

Sunday, 24 March 2019 - 07:39

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 22 March 2019

1. Kabul: According to Afghanistan officials, Afghanistan presidential election which was supposed to be held on 20 July 2020 is postponed again to 27 September 2019 this time.   2. Badghis: Afghanistan Defence Ministry stated that due to Taliban’s heavy attacks to Bala Morghab town, Badghis province, more than 50 army soldiers are captured by […]