Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 9 February 2019; End of Moscow Summit

Saturday, 9 February 2019 - 21:33

Latest news from Afghanistan and Moscow peace talks

1. Samangan:
Ten civilians martyred and eight wounded due to Taliban attacking Goula village, Darre Souf town south of Samangan.

The engagement happened because Taliban were collecting tax and tributes.

Seven Taliban members were killed too.


2. Taliban’s requests in Moscow Summit:
– Removing Taliban members from black list.
– Releasing captives.
– Specific roadmap for peace.
– Reforming constitutional laws.
– Guarantee for peace talks.
– Islamic administration.
– Foreign soldiers leaving Afghanistan.


3. Transportation of ISIS terrorists to Afghanistan
Mr. Rahim Safavi, Supreme Leader’s Counselor said: “We have accurate information that Americans are transporting ISIS terrorists into Afghanistan.”


4. Zalmay Khalilzad, US Emissary in Afghanistan Affairs:
There is no timetable for US soldiers leaving Afghanistan. The draft of agreement with Taliban includes mechanism of US troops leaving Afghanistan, ceasefire and expelling international terrorist groups from Afghanistan.


5. Sare Pol:
Martyrdom and injury of 13 Afghan security forces due to Taliban attack to a police station center of Sare Pol.

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