Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 4 June 2019

Tuesday, 4 June 2019 - 18:18

Kabul blood days, latest news from Sare pol, Ghazni and Badghis.

1. Sare Pol:
Taliban’s attacks to Sayyad, Sancharak and Sare Pol were repelled by security forces.
In these engagements, 8 Taliban members were killed and 9 injured. 1 security force were martyred and 3 injured.
2. Ghazni:
– In the Army’s ambush and airriads in Abdullah Gol and Lioni areas of Qara Bagh town, around 56 Taliban members were killed.
In Qara Bagh engagements, Taliban spokesperson claims to kill 25 security forces and capture 9.
– Suicide attack of 2 Taliban members to Rizarf observation post resulted in martyrdom and injury of 15 security forces.
3. Kabul:
– 4 civilians killed and 4 NATO forces injured due to an explosion en route a foreign forces’ convoy in district 9 neighborhood of Kabul. Taliban took responsibility of the attack and proclaims loss of 10 NATO forces and destruction of 2 vehicles.
– Terrorist explosion in district 5 neighborhood resulted in martyrdom of 2 and injury of 24.
– Taliban attacking civilian vehicle in Behsoud route resulted in martyrdom of 3 (Kabul’s Shiite).
– Explosion in Senatorium area (in Dar al Aman road) resulted in 5 martyrdom and injury of 8 government employees.
4. Badghis:
Bala Murghab town is under siege by Taliban for 4 days. Heavy engagements in the area and security forces request air support from government.
According to Afghan officials, tens of Taliban members were killed in the region in the last 5 days.

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