Who Is Martyr Abu Haydar Al Hamzi?

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - 10:49

Abdullah Ahsan Jar Allah Al Hamzi famous as Abu Haydar a field commander of Ansar Allah in recent years whose bravery and sacrifices will not be forgotten from Yemeni people.

He was from Hamazat region Saadah province and a commander for ground troops who participated in sixth war in 2009 and lead troops in Kitaf district Saadah province.


Images showing martyr Abu Haydar beside AnsarAllah leader commanding operation.


After the sixth war and war incipient against Ali Abdullah Saleh Government and emergence of terrorist groups such as ISIS, he was fighting against Ansar al-Sharia, in coalition with ISIS, in Kitaf district Saadah province.

At the same time he was commander of operation against al Qaeda and Islah party in Arhab district Sanaa province and claiming military base Yahyis is assigned to him.

In 2014 this district due to resistance of Arhab tribes was under siege by al Qaeda and ISIS, than AnsarAllah under commandment of Abu Haydar broke the siege and claimed Arhab.


He is then deployed to Jawf and Amran fronts and claimed several of Mansoor Hadi military bases.

After that he lead the operation to claim special force base in Sanaa which was one of the most difficult engagements of that time.


Capturing Mansoor Hadi special force base in Sanaa


After ISIS occupation of Bayhan and massacring(beheading) Muslims of the area, he took responsibility for operation against them in Shabwah province.

Under his commandment and by Ansar Allah forces sacrifice AnsarAllah in a heavy engagement entered Shabwah province and liberated Bayhan district from ISIS and al Qaeda.


Crimes of ISIS supporting groups in Bayhan


He went to Sarwah front in April 2015 and counter attacked Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi troops in the axis so severely as Mansoor Hadi operation is defeated and Saudi Coalition has not performed any operation in this axis yet and all the sporadical attacks were defeated.


Images showing AnsarAllah operation against Saudi Coalition forces in west of Marib under Abu Haydar commandment


Finally Abu Haydar was martyred in west Marib front near Al Mukhaddarah mountain on Eid al Fetr last year (26th June 2017) in an operation performed by Saudi Coalition.

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